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Spot on very well made. Really good to use. 

MrMatthew Armstrong - 22/04/2017

    Simply the best on the market by far. Using it with the roughter module and it's brilliant so smooth to to get the saw module for it.10/10 for triton 

Workcentrebarry popovich - 17/04/2017

    I bought the TWX7 along with the router table and table saw modules, but my review will be just as a worktable. And my review is simple - it's a great addition to my small shop. First - it's very sturdy. In fact much sturdier than I expected when looking at it on-line. Second - workmanship is fantastic. All the components were well designed, with functionality and strength in mind. There were no shortcuts that I can see. Third - it's very versatile. I makes a great assembly table - sanding, clamping, assembling, finishing, anything you can throw at it. Also, with the extension accessories and the larger wheels you can really expand your horizons while easily moving around your shop. 

The CornerstoneLouroy - 13/04/2017

    Had workcentre for 2 weeks now .i 0have bought the router module and going to buy the saw module soon.the triton workcentre is brilliant saves me so much room having only a small garage so would recommend to anyone. 

WorkcentreBarry popovich - 03/04/2017

    I base my rating on looks as I have not been able to make use of it yet. The reason is that the contractor saw module is not yet available in South Africa. The workstation looks like good build quality. From what I read there went allot of thought in building the Workstation. As for the ease of use in durability when in use I cannot comment on. 

TWX7 WorkstationJapie Oosthuizen - 13/03/2017

    Good quality tools. It shows good quality tools used and great after service. I have not yet used the macinhery as the contractor saw module is not yet available in South Africa. I also do not yet have a rouer l. So I cannot use the router module either. What I can say is that tools will have a good usefulle life. You do not give a 3year guarantee for nothing. Looking foward to using it. 

Triton workstation & Router moduleJapie Oosthuizen - 26/02/2017

    ensemble solide , manque de rigidité , (bouge quand on travaille dessus ) module très bien pensé et facile d'utilisation je suis Francais et ne parle , ni comprend l'Anglais 

test du twx7 avec ces modules

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